Конкурс стихов про социальные сети


Среди студентов специальности "Реклама и связи с общественностью" прошел конкурс стихов.

На занятиях по английскому языку всегда есть место творчеству. Студенты 1 курса (английские группы Дмитриевой С.Ю. и Ташкиновой В.А.) провели конкурс стихов про социальные сети  на английском языке. Оказалось, ребята - настоящие поэты! Победителями стали Анна Стряпунина, Алиса Ищенко и Алексей Авдеев.

Арина Стряпунина

I remember the time, that happiest time
When conversations were just face to face.
But now social networks destroy ourselves
And people became unfaced.

What’s happened to us?
What is going on?
The world is so fast. 
This questions are ignored.

Social networks are good
I don’t want to be rude.
But people don’t talk at all.

That makes me annoying
And that makes me sad.
Cause people don’t talk
They just typing the mess. (on phone)

Networks destroy our brain
And people became insane.
Normal talks are going away 
And this things I cannot explain.

I just want people meet,
I just want people talk,
I just want people walk
On the streets of New York.

If we leave our phone
We won’t be alone.
Our life will be good
And talks as they should.

Алиса Ищенко

my social networks give me a sense to live
i stick in them every night before i go to sleep
my instagram tiktok VK there are all my friends
i feel bad if no one fell in love with my sweet face

i can’t live a day without photos of cute cats
i cry if i don’t see messages in my DMs
colourful emojis make my life a hundred times better
instagram updates are more important to me than the weather

i prefer to laugh while exchanging VK messages
and may my real life suffer many awful damages
i’ll pretend that i’m OK sitting in my tears
cause i really don’t want anyone to know my fears

my heart hurts from eternal malaise but i don’t care
i will shoot a lot of stories anyway i swear
my friends often do not know that i feel really bad
i will still send them videos of funny cat

they say that you can’t be silent ‘bout the fact that you are sad
but it is always easier for me to pretend
i’ll just open tiktok as if nothing had happened
i will only take off my mask when ill be in heaven

Алексей Авдеев

It doesn't matter what I feel
It's hard, it's pressure, I am on anvil
That people loathe me, so indeed
I can't be kind and I don't need

You know, I love your person real
and I don't want to disappear
I have a need for you, your hugs
But kilometres separate, that sucks

My mom and dad just try to talk
But I feel good, when I am on walk
When we have typed ten thous (and) per day
I don't feel shame, it's mine, all way

You understand me, I am your slave
But you made free my mind in May
"Hello, my name is Stranger, how are u?"
"Oh, hi, wayfarer, I have a flue"

To be or not to be? oh no,
it's rather huge to understand
I don't read Shakespeare or Blok
and you feel sorrow on your blog?

Hi Twitter, Instagram, Vk
 eat my food just for all day
Look at my dog, my flat, my feet
Oh I forgot, that how I am fit

And if you want to watch that blog
Of course, subscribe, comment and like, but pause
U wanna be that girl, or man or cat
So, realize, u are for that

All internet is made for you
And I found something really true
In stories, newsfeed, messenger
on my profile, you all will see
That I was before the line